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Do you want an answer right away? We have gathered all the most common questions in one FAQ, as well as made a Troubleshooting Guide to the most common issues. Click on the links below:

Welcome to our FAQ - also known as: Frequently Asked Questions. We have gathered all the most common questions we receive. We hope this can help you with quick answers to your questions! :)

We have a detailed step-by-step video for all our cameras on how to set them up. You can find them all on our YouTube channel right here: Installation guides

In addition, we have also gathered a lot of good general tips & tricks in our Troubleshooting Guide. You can find this right here: Troubleshooting

A NEXSMART™ camera runs on your own Wi-Fi Network. It is thus the power and range of your own wireless internet that determines how far away you can have your NEXSMART camera from the router.

You can use a Wi-Fi Repeater to extend and strengthen your wireless network so that it can have an even longer range.

Tip: You can use your phone to measure the strength of your Wi-Fi where you want your camera to sit.

This depends on the individual camera and the answer can be found at the bottom of the product page under specifications.

Yes, all our cameras will automatically delete the oldest data on the SD card when it is full and thereby run in Loop.

Yes - the motion detection has adjustable sensitivity, Low - Medium - High, which can be set to precisely avoid unnecessary activation.

Yes, the App supports live multiview of up to 16 cameras at once. However, this is only for live view and does not apply when you have to browse saved recordings, as it is on one camera at a time.

Yes! :) You can in our App create a "Home" to which your camera is attached. You can have several of these, for example one for your house, one for the cottage, and one for your office. You can then share a given "Home" with another App user. You can thus share the "Home" that belongs to your House with your whole family, without them necessarily having access to the cameras in your office - or vice versa.

We have a dedicated page with information about Cloud, right here: Cloud service

No, not officially.

In principle, our cameras only work on Smartphones and Tablets.

But you can bypass it and get it on a PC. However, it is not as plug-n-play as the rest and is not an officially supported feature.

What you can do is install an Android Emulator on your PC. With this Android, you can then run our App and thus get it on your PC.

However, it is important to note that the installation and use of an Android Emulator is not something we support. ;)

You can see the visual difference of day and night vision in this video here!

You can add as many cameras to your user as you like.

Yes! Even if your Wi-Fi disappears, your camera will still record. You will not be able to access your camera through the app, but as soon as the camera has found a Wi-Fi signal again, you will be able to see all recordings that have taken place during the period when the Wi-Fi signal has been down.

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