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In stock and ready to ship

  • Anti-lost device

    Always find your things again

  • mobil adgang

    Ultimate tracking with Find My app

  • mobil adgang

    Live anti-theft and loss alarm

  • Anti-lost device

    Two-way function for phone security

  • mobil adgang

    Easy setup – Ready in a snap

  • Sleek and compact for any item

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We all know the antagonizing feeling: where are my keys, wallet, or bag?! This is nothing worse than having to go out of the door in a rush, and not being able to find any of the abovementioned items. Therefore, we here at NEXSMART™ have developed a solution, if you lose your keys, wallet, or whatever else item, you can then easily track the item. Pairing seamlessly with the Find My app on iOS devices, setup is a breeze.

The solution is our new bluetooth tracking device; NEXSMART™ SMART TRACKER

Forget about having to search the house for your lost car keys or wondering where you left your bag. With a NEXSMART™ SMART TRACKER - "FIND MY", you will always find your things again, quickly, easily, and efficiently!


Easily attach our tracker to items like your keys, backpack, or anything else you often misplace. In just seconds, you can pinpoint the exact location of your item - it's that simple and user-friendly.

The tracker works primarily by being connected to your Find My app on your phone, that’s basically it! Once connected, your items are always on your radar, adding an extra layer of security to your belongings. This feature provides real-time updates on the whereabouts of your items, down to the last detail. Imagine you leave your wallet at a store. Our tracker lets you check its last known location. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, other devices in the Find My network can update you on your item's whereabouts. Just open the Find My app, spot your wallet on the map, and go get it without any problems.


Found your keys but can't find your phone? Don't worry - double tap your tracker to start the lost-phone function. This mode causes the tracker to automatically send a notification to your phone, which then detects that you've lost your phone and therefore starts playing a sound so you can quickly and easily find your phone. No more stress of searching for your phone for hours only to realize it had fallen off the side of your couch. With the NEXSMART™ SMART TRACKER - "FIND MY" you can find your phone, or any other lost item, with the push of a button.


Our NEXSMART™ SMART TRACKER - "FIND MY" not only helps you find the things you've lost again. It also helps to prevent you from dropping or losing them at all!

You can set the tracker to warn you if you leave your home, a restaurant or similar, without either the tracker (which you have in your keys, bag, or anything else you want to keep track of). At the same time, this setting will protect you against someone running off with any of the parts without you knowing!

The function is quite simple; If you lose connection with your tracker because it moves too far away from your phone, the tracker will immediately emit a screeching tone and you will be notified directly on your phone with a notification. This function can of course also be switched off if you do not want to be disturbed.


NEXSMART™ SMART TRACKER - "FIND MY", is specially designed to be compact in size and light, so that it does not take up too much space and annoy you if you carry it in your pocket or wallet. All the while, the included metal ring makes it easy to attach the tracker to your keys, a small bag or hang on your pet's collar.


It's as simple as it gets! Attach the tracker to the thing you want to protect, connect it with the Find My app on your iOS device. - and within seconds you're ready!

Sound levelUp to 90 dB
Battery typeCR2032
Battery life1 Year
Working modeBluetooth
Suitable foriOS devices
Dimensions4,5 x 4,1 x 0,7 cm
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