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€299,96 Save 29%

Out of Stock. Expected date unknown

This set includes:

  • noyau en acier

    Transform your heating into a smart, automated experience

  • anti derapant

    Eco-friendly preheating – saves you up to 30% energy

  • wash machine

    Set up routines and schedules through the SmartLife App

  • anti derapant

    Smart heating control from anywhere you are

  • anti derapant

    Simple to set up and use – install, and get started in minutes

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This set includes:

review stars

Easy to setup & configurate - I highly recommend it!

- Frederik

review stars

Amazing customer support! I needed help with finding my recordings and they quickly replied on my questions in the mail. I bought a VIEW camera which I have been really satisfied with.

- Morten Nissen

review stars

I received my camera the day after I ordered it, the setup process was super easy and it has been working without any complaints so far. Thanks!

- Kasper Henriksen


We’re all too familiar with the challenges of maintaining a consistent room temperature and grappling with the ever-increasing costs of home heating. And who hasn’t experienced the frustration of a broken thermostat knob, leaving you without any heat – particularly irritating during the winter months?

But now, we’re here to introduce you to the NEXSMART™ SMART RADIATOR THERMOSTAT, a remarkable innovation in home heating that promises to not only transform your daily comfort but also lead to significant energy savings – all at your fingertips through our user-friendly app!

The NEXSMART™ SMART RADIATOR THERMOSTAT offers a compelling solution to all the issues that occur from traditional thermostats, providing you with a plethora of benefits that will indeed revolutionize the way you experience heating – all accessible through your smartphone.

Imagine having precise control over the temperature in every room, without having to adjust anything manually, allowing you to tailor it to your exact comfort preferences – right from the convenience of your mobile phone. No more settling for compromises, no more enduring hot and cold spots. With the NEXSMART™ SMART RADIATOR THERMOSTAT, you can enjoy warmth customized to your preferred needs.


Smart radiator thermostats take your preheating to the next level, making it smarter and more efficient than ever before. By automating the preheating of your home, you can easily reduce energy consumption. This automation allows you to turn down the heating or even turn it off entirely and much more, at any point in time.

When connected to Wi-Fi, you can remotely control the heating in any room from wherever you are. Set up routines and schedules that ensure your home is heated precisely when you need it, and how you need it, saving a ton of energy when you’re not around. What’s more, the system turns off automatically when the desired temperature is reached, making it perfect for those summer holidays abroad, helping you save electricity and ensuring your pipes stay in good condition.

But the advantages don’t end there. With the potential to reduce heating costs by up to 30%, this thermostat enables you to optimize your heating system based on your daily schedule and individual preferences – all within the easy-to-use app. Say goodbye to energy-inefficient guesswork and hello to substantial monthly savings on your energy bills!


Here at NEXSMART™, we are at the cusp of a new era in home heating, and our smart radiator thermostat is at the forefront of this revolution. In an age where we seek greater control over our surroundings and a more sustainable way of living, this innovative thermostat comes as a breath of fresh air.

Traditional thermostats often leave us with limited options, forcing us to accept room temperatures that might not suit our preferences quite. These systems can be challenging to adapt and optimize, and they lack the convenience and efficiency that we here at NEXSMART™ crave.

With the ability to control your home’s heating from your smartphone, this thermostat places the power of comfort and cost savings directly in your hands.

The NEXSMART™ SMART RADIATOR THERMOSTAT is not just a thermostat; it’s a step towards the future of home heating that benefits both you and the environment.


With a NEXSMART™ SMART RADIATOR THERMOSTAT you are always where you have the most concerns.

With our App (which of course is free) you have direct 24/7 access to your thermostat – no matter where you are in the world. This is true whether you are sitting at work, travelling on the train or going on holiday to the Maldives.

From the App you can easily turn your thermostat down or off, and set up schedules that fit your preferences.


No, that's not a joke.

The setup of the NEXSMART™ SMART RADIATOR THERMOSTAT can be completed in less than 1 minute. In the development of our thermostat, we have put focus on having them be as user-friendly as possible. Simply install our App on your phone. Scan the QR code and twist the knob on the thermostat and long press for 3 seconds. Enter your Wi-Fi code and you are set to go – that’s all!

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Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.net_weight145g
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.powersupply3 x AA batteries (not included)
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.connectionM30 x 1.5
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.current6uA min
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.ambient_temp0 – 50°C
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.surface_temp90°C max (at the radiator)
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.appSmartLife
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.supportAlexa and Google Assistant
Translation missing: en.product.specs.thermostat.os_supportIOS, Android
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