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€139,98 Save 21%

Out of Stock. Expected date unknown

This set includes:

  • Hurtig og nem 60 sekunders opsætning

    Fingerprint access – up to 20 access holders

  • fingerprint

    Smart and easy control with your phone

  • Simple to set up and use – get started in minutes

  • Up to 6 months battery life

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This set includes:


Are you tired of always having what feels like a thousand keys and passwords, or just can’t seem to remember where you put the keys for your locker, gate or shed? Well, here’s your solution!

The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK will solve all the problems a traditional padlock has. This smart and innovative padlock features 3D fingerprint scanning technology, allowing you to access the lock without the need for keys or passwords! The padlock can store up to 20 different fingerprints, making it easy for multiple users to access the lock. With the Smart Life App, you can also remotely control the padlock and even add or delete fingerprints of authorized users. The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK can be shared with either your family, friends, workplace, or colleagues.


The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK can be controlled two different ways – through the Smart Life App, opening the padlock directly from your phone, or by manually using your 3D fingerprint scan. The padlock is connected through Bluetooth, making it easy for you to access the padlock. Let’s say you forgot your keys to the office and you’re the first one to come – annoying right? All you need to do is place your finger on the padlock, and the NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK will unlock. Let’s say you’re at work and your kids need their bikes from the garage or shed, but don’t have keys or a phone to unlock the padlock. Simply add their fingerprints to the app, making it possible for them to access the garage or shed through their app or by their fingerprint scan.

The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK keeps a record of your unlocking history in the app. With this unlocking history, you’ll be able to see if someone without fingerprint access has tried to open the NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK. The padlock is only accessible with a fingerprint scan or through your app, when within the Bluetooth range. The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK will help you to a hassle-free solution, making everyday life smarter for you and others!


Whenever the battery is running low on the NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK, it will give you an alarm in time, so you can charge the padlock right away. The integrated lithium battery can last up to six months on standby and has a USB fast charger – meaning you won’t have to wait all day for the padlock to be charged. The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK is extremely secure with its sturdy construction made of stainless-steel shackle and a strong IP65 waterproof zinc alloy body, making it compatible to bring anywhere and durable enough to not break. The NEXSMART™ SMART PADLOCK is a must-have for your locker, shed or garage, giving you an easier lifestyle.

Smart Padlock Specifications
Storage capacity20 groups of fingerprints
Bluetooth typeBluetooth 4.2
Unlocking time0.5 seconds
Support systemAndroid, IOS
Continuous standby6 months or 2,000 times unlock per battery charge
USB interface5V 0.5A
BatteryRechargeable battery 3.7V/160mA
Working temperature-20℃~70℃
Fingerprint head shape10.2 x 10.7 mm
Dimensions1,9 x 2,6 x 0,7 cm
Lock shackle thickness5 mm
Inner diameter23 mm
Weight115 g
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